Our window cleaning service is suitable for all types of windows, leaving them spotless and gleaming

Window Cleaning

Adaptable methods

Adaptable methods for an appropriate and effective clean for all types of windows

For example, where extra care must be taken to protect the window, as with lead windows, we make sure to use a softer brush so as to minimise the risk of the lead pulling away.

A thorough window clean

Our professional team take a lot of care in their window cleaning. Our window cleaning involves wiping down grime and dirt from the window glass, the windowsills and surrounds.

We are only satisfied when your windows are left sparkling clean.

Window deep clean and stain removal

For the first clean of your windows we will always do a deep clean, at no extra cost to you*.

A deep clean ensures that we can remove any dirt that has built up on your windows so that we can continue to maintain their appearance on our regular cleaning rounds. We will always strive to remove grime on windowpanes but we can also offer services to bring stained white PVC back to white.

Types of windows we clean

We are happy to be able to offer our window cleaning services for any and all types of windows

* For Conservatory Roofs – see our Conservatory Cleaning Service

Pure Water Treatment

Pure Water Treatment

Pure water treatment is the most advanced window cleaning method currently available.

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Our window cleaners use a long pole that is attached to a tank of purified water in our vehicle. This method is the most effective for allowing us to remove dirt, grime, and chemicals from your glass.

Benefits of Pure Water Treatment

Where do we work?


Our window cleaning service is available to all residential clients,
whether you live:

bungalow, house, block of flats or an apartment.


We are also pleased to offer our window cleaning services to commercial clients who might be wanting their shop or office windows cleaned to improve their business’ appearance and productivity of their staff, working in a clean and bright environment.

Our window cleaning methods mean that we can safely reach and effectively clean up to the height of 60ft.

Window Cleaning Service

Our Cleaning Round

We operate our window cleaning service using a window cleaning round. We offer a range of timelines so as to suit all needs, from 4-weekly, to 6-weekly, to 8-weekly.

Our window cleaning round includes cleaning conservatory windows. However, if you want a conservatory roof clean, then please enquire further.

*NOTE Our first window clean is always a deep-clean, at no extra cost to you. However, as we do not offer one-off cleans, it is important to note that if you cancel after the first clean, you will be charged 3x the amount of a regular clean.

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We will post an invoice through your door and payment will be taken via bank transfer.

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